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blood tango
Buenos Aires 1945: It is the most dramatic and tumultuous period in Argentine history. When an obscure young woman is brutally murdered, police detective Roberto Leary concludes that the murderer mistook the girl for Evita, the intended target of someone out to eliminate the popular star from the political scene.  The search for the killer soon involves...
invisible country
In a Paraguay devastated by war, Father Gregorio discovers the dead body of Ricardo Yotté--a powerful ally of the Dictator Francisco Solano López and his consort, the beautiful foreigner Eliza Lynch. Lynch had entrusted a fortune in gold and jewels to Yotté, and...
invisible country
In Potosí, the richest city in the Western Hemisphere, Inez de la Morada, the bewitching, cherished daughter of the rich and powerful Mayor, mysteriously dies at the convent of Santa Isabella de los Santos Milagros, where she had fled in defiance of her father. It looks as though the girl committed suicide...